Aandrias Systemsoffers people with an opportunity to utilise their skills and be a part with the company by encouraging them to take on challenges head on. We keep recruiting to the following areas in our company. If you wish to be a part of Aandrias, send us your resumes.


At Aandrias, we recruit and retain people who will thrive in the Aandrias culture and support our goals and values. To assist in finding you, we conduct a combination of interviews and psychometric assessment. Our recruitment is not based simply on academic achievements. We find candidates who satisfy a broad range of criteria in terms of their ability to make a positive and on-going contribution to the organisation. Number of steps and evaluation process are involved in our recruitment, the standard process for most positions is as follows:


Click ;current openings, located in the right-hand navigation menu to know about career opportunities and access our online application form. You need to attach your resume requested in the job description.


The interview process clarify the opportunities available to you and explore your technical knowledge and also an opportunity for you to know much about our organisation, . Interviews will take place with a representative from HR, our Project Lead or a combination of both. The number and type of interviews across the Groups does vary.

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